Life Alert is an asset in any American home, yet it is still often a critical omission from the lives of many senior citizens. In this scenario, we will see how the lack of life alert can drastically change the state of an emergency.


You have 4 stats you need to keep in check in order to survive:

  1. Hunger -- The hungrier you are, the slower you will be able to move your body in minigames. Being too hungry can result in death!
  2. Thirst -- The thirstier you are, the less effective your shouts for attention will be. Being too thirsty can result in death!
  3. Sanity -- The less sane you are, the more erratic your body will move in minigames. Being too insane can result in death!
  4. Pain -- The more pain you are in, the faster you will become more hungry, thirsty, and insane.

Main Stage:

Here you will find yourself trapped in the basement. You have several options available to you:

  1. Cry for Help -- Shout your lungs out and hope that someone will reach your pleas for help. This will fill up the white "Alert" bar at the top of the screen. When the bar totally fills up, you will have completely gained the attention of someone and will be rescued. Crying for help will make you more thristy.
  2. Krelly Krump -- The Krelly Krump is a maneuver you can do in order to change your current situation for the better (or sometimes for the worse!) You will need to gain adrenaline before you can access this technique.
  3. Use Life Alert -- If you have Life Alert, you may use this to instantly save yourself... But you don't have Life Alert, so this option won't do much good.
  4. Search For Food -- Search for food found on the floor.
  5. Search For Water -- Search for water in a nearby puddle.
  6. Stay Sane -- Think happy thoughts to ease your pain.

Finding Food:

You will be able to find chocolates on the floor around you by using the cursor to guide your hand. Beware of rats and spiders that may attack you! Also, don't mistake rat droppings and sleeping spiders for chocolate! If you're running out of chocolate to grab, press the "Slam" button to slam the ground to put more chocolate into play. It may hurt a little, but the payoff should be more than worth it. Eating chocolate will satisfy hunger and slightly decrease pain.

Finding Water:

Use the cursor to guide your tongue into the refreshing puddle of water. The longer your tongue stays in the water, the greater the rate of water you receive. Be wary of wandering flies that may attempt to land on your tongue for moisture. If they crawl to the back of your throat, you may vomit causing you to be very hungry and thirsty. Knock off flies by clicking the mouse to waggle your tongue back and forth. Take note that slower flies may need more tongue waggles to remove. Also, watch out the occasional bee that may sting your tongue if you aren't careful. Licking water will satisfy thirst and slightly decrease pain.

Staying Sane:

You will think up various thoughts that will gradually float into your mind. Click on the bad thoughts (i.e. Hitler) so only good thoughts (i.e. Lamb) may enter. Thinking of good thoughts is also a good way to decrease pain.

Krelly Krump:

The Krelly Krump is a life saving maneuver in which the user stomps their feet on the floor in order to knock various useful items off shelves. However, for one to use this maneuver you must gain the necessary adrenaline by performing x25 combos in the minigames. Combos can be achieved through the following.

  • When finding food, eat 25 chocolates in a row with out being bit by rats and spiders and eating rat droppings.
  • When finding water, keep your tongue in the water until the combo reaches 25.
  • When staying sane. Allow 25 good thoughts to enter your mind without letting a bad thought through or clicking a good thought away.

Fullfilling a combo will result in a single use of the Krelly Krump available to you. You are allowed to queue up 3 Krelly Krumps at any given time. Using a Krelly Krump can result in you getting helpful items like potato chips, bottled water, and anti-insanity medication. However, be wary of objects that may hurt you like the sledgehammer, the car battery, or the dreaded chainsaw.

When the scenario is finished. You will be see the results of your efforts. There are 5 different outcomes to uncover. Can you find them all?