Level 2 of Louny Balloony is out for SAGE 2021

Level 2 of Louny Balloony is here!

Just in time for SAGE 2021, a whole new level of fresh content is available for play!  As of August 8th, the soft release for Louny Balloony is available for download and play!

Soft Release?

This release intentionally coincides with the SAGE 2021 event in order to take advantage of the grace period between the SAGE booth creation deadline and the actual demoing and streaming event later in the month in order to identify any major bugs in the current build beforehand.  So please feel free to play and respond with any critiques (either through Itch or via my Twitter https://twitter.com/harold_krell)if you can.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Moving Forward

The ultimate goal in the next two weeks is to create a more complete version of the demo showcasing even more of the available content for Louny Balloony in a single executable.  Currently on the game page, the new Level 2 demo, as well as last year's level 1 demo are currently available for play.  Because of the heavy focus on new content for Level 2, work will need to be done to review the previous content for Level 1 to ensure there were no regressions during this major change.  Likewise, the challenge stages can only be accessed by playing through the main levels, which as the current demo stands now, makes it difficult for these challenge stages to be replayed.  To make this content more accessible for play, two new options are planned to be included in the title screen:

  • Level Select
  • Challenge Level Select

Along with any major bug fixes, the goal for the final SAGE2021 demo is to include these options on the main menu in order to provide ~20 minutes of pure gameplay content.

Please check back soon for more updates as the main SAGE 2021 event draws closer, and also follow my Twitter at https://twitter.com/harold_krell for more incremental update. Thanks for your patronage!


LounyBalloony v0.4.0 (SAGE2021).zip 27 MB
Aug 08, 2021

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